Disaster is Coming


One month before the disaster, almost no one had noticed the torrent of undercurrents of terror, and people were waiting for the arrival of the New Year in the singing and dancing level. No one noticed that the virus developed by the Plague Company, called CVOA-19, had quietly infiltrated this land and infected people on this land.

This is a long-planned attack on humans by the Plague Company! Everything is brewing in an orderly way, only the final charge.


It was a quiet afternoon, and it suddenly started to explode on social networks. The virus started to explode after being latent. Little is known about the virus, and the way it is transmitted is still controversial, but panic has begun.

Countless people start to heat up and sneeze, and fragile urban ecosystems are vulnerable to disasters. Urban ecosystems are probably the most unstable ecosystems since ancient times.


Countless people went forward and embarked on this battle against viruses. Although the Plague Company has been planning for a long time, human experience in fighting viruses for thousands of years has played a role. This battle is an unusually long-lasting battle.

The two sides have been fighting, never stopped for thousands of years


It is too early to end, and this battle may never end.

Where there are humans, there are viruses, and there is war.
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